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We have moved into our own private studio conveniently located right across the street from Grand Central Station @ 315 Madison Ave Suite 211!

We will be closed the week of 12/27 to 1/3 while our new location is being renovated.

We appreciate your patience and please feel free to book online from 1/4 on.
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The Experience

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Looking for the best Men's Hair Salon in NYC?

Look no further! We spend time with all of our clients to understand their personal goals.  Our process takes into account your hair type such as color, texture, length & how it relates to your facial features & own personal style.  We then pull all of this together to assess the best haircut that’s custom tailored for you.  This is included with all of our highly affordable male grooming services.

Why is a "Scissor Haircut" better?

A Scissor Haircut aka “Scissor Over Comb”, is where scissors are used on the entire head of hair.  Most barbers will only use scissors on the top and clippers for the back & sides.  We use Scissor texturing which blends the hair better and makes your hair grow back more naturally.  This equates to your haircuts lasting longer and more importantly, less trips to the salon/barbers.

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So how do I make an appointment?

Via the Booksy app which is available for Android, iOS and via your web browser at www.Booksy.com.  Once there you can view our full schedule of availability to select the perfect time that works for you.  It even sends out convenient reminder alerts so you don’t miss your appointment.  The app allows us to efficiently manage our book so we can focus on providing you with the best haircut possible.

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About Us

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I have been passionately working in the men’s grooming industry for 14 years.  During those years I trained & worked with one of the top men’s hair stylist in the biz.  Through this experience it had enabled me to hone my craft of providing men’s scissor over comb haircuts in New York City. 

This then led me to becoming the technical director at a very prominent Manhattan men’s salon.  My main focus there was to train new stylists with the same techniques that I had mastered myself.  On top of that some of the most successful people from all over the world have sat in my chair since and absolutely loved my service. 

So…I’ve decided to take my talents and offer them directly to the Midtown Manhattan area myself.  

No Memberships required, no more sitting in waiting rooms, simply click on the “BOOK AN APPOINTMENT” button below to lock in your time with me today!

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I started my journey into this industry over 25 years ago as a hairdresser here in NYC for both men and women.  

From very early on I saw that I really had a knack for knowing exactly the look my clients were going for and my talents were called upon for an opportunity working at a high-end salon in San Diego, CA back in 1997.  

There they specialized in all chemical services from highlights to relaxers, which only furthered my development as a professional stylist.  

Five years later I came back to NY as a former colleague informed me of the booming Men’s grooming industry in NYC at the time.  So I did exactly that and accepted a position at a prestigious men’s salon here in Midtown where I worked for over 19 years.

 Through that time I underwent extensive training on giving scissor haircuts, razor cuts, blending, fading techniques and hair product knowledge classes which enabled me to be one of the busiest stylists at the salon.  

The most rewarding part of my day is when my clients leave my chair happy and I truly love what I do.  

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